About PyQt6 and PySide6


This is a question for @martin specifically. Will there ever be a book about PyQt6 and/or PySide6? I want to port my code to version 6, but I have a lot of issues. So I am wondering whether there are any plans in the air. Even just a porting guide from PyQt5/PySide2 to PyQt6/PySide6 would be a wonderful thing.

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Hey @PedanticHacker short answer: yes! I’ve started work on it this week, just converting over the source code for the examples + familiarising myself with the changes (some things have been removed, e.g. QResources from PyQt6 so those sections will need to be rewritten).

It’s early days, but I’ll get porting guide out first + there is another update to the PyQt5 book on the way.


@ martin
Great news. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great question :+1: